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Doctor Macxin Mwamba Wa Ngoy


Prophet Macxin Mwamba Wa Ngoy is the Senior Pastor of the Revelation Church located in Silver Spring , MD. He was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has been called to the office of Prophet and Pastor with a ministry that has impacted many lives around the world through accurate prophetic ministry, deliverance, healing and the life-saving word of God.


Prophet Macxin accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior in 1989. In 1993, he began teaching a small bible study group in his neighborhood in Lubumbashi, Congo. In September 1994, the Lord instructed him to build a church. The Lord then revealed to him, in a vivid way, that he was to birth out the church now as it stands “The Revelation Church.” In 2009 through 2011, he attended the National Bible College located in Fort Washington, MD, accruing credits and working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity.


Prophet Macxin’s life is a testimony and hope for the hopeless. He was born into a very poor family. He remains forever grateful to God for exalting him, and untrusting him with a strong Prophetic Mantle. He has touched and unlocked the mysteries and destinies of many lives. As well as families in diverse mission fields across the length and breadth of the earth. In a wave of strong worship, he draws in the power of the Holy Spirit that manifest within audience positively; breaking yokes, bringing healing and deliverance.


Prophet Macxin is married with five children. He and his family live in Maryland, USA. He is a sociologist and anthropologist by training.

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